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The purchase of a new home is the most important and expensive investment you will probably make in your life. An independent, thorough, and unbiased property inspection by A-Perfection Home Inspection can give you peace of mind knowing that your new home is safe and has no health hazards to harm you and your family. You owe it to yourself to hire the best inspector you can find! We believe this is Joe Zolciak, a licensed home inspector and owner of A-Perfection Home Inspection. Joe's attention to detail, integrity, and technical expertise are unsurpassed.

Knowledge is power and it is his mission to empower you in this all-important decision. With a property inspection, you will know what to expect from your new home; what items will need to be addressed immediately, what items could be major cost concerns, what items are safety or health issues, and what items will require future monitoring, maintenance, repair, or replacement. You will have the knowledge you need to make an informed, confident decision.

Call Joe Zolciak, 770-315-8054, at A-Perfection Home Inspection today. You'll be glad you did!

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